Creative and professional design Live and running in minutes Accept payments with no fees Set your own booking policy No code, no drag-and-drop

Turn any Airbnb listings into a gorgeous direct booking site

Myror magically converts your existing Airbnb listing into a premium direct booking site with a simple click. Live and running within 3 minutes, no technical skills required.

500+ Airbnb hosts already built direct booking sites with us!

Airbnb host? Getting started with Myror is faster than ever

Simply copy paste the link to your Airbnb listing page in your Myror dashboard. Within 3 minutes, your booking site is already in place, with pictures, description texts, testimonials, booking request form and more.

airbnb myror before after direct booking site

Direct booking site generator

Impress your guests with top-notch booking sites

Time of frustrations for hosts is over and guests always deserve more care. Your own booking site helps growing your online brand and set custom policies.

Made for busy hosts, by developers
We know creating a website can be intimidating and time-consuming, even with so-called friendly site builders. Myror generates your website from a simple URL in less than 3 minutes. 100% no code.
Highest Industry Standards
We use the latest modern web technologies to build and host your sites, for high performances and perfect display on all device. We also use premium design because we believe first impression does matter.
Flexible and focused on building your brand
You can easily connect a custom domain name, upload a logo, modify contents and even link your instagram account to make your site more personal. You can also add several rooms to the same site.

Payment forms

Say goodbye to heavy fees

Make your guests happier by offering alternative payment options and both save money.

checkout form stripe paypal no commission
accept credit card payments direct booking site

Secure checkout forms

Easily connect your Stripe and/or Paypal accounts to display a checkout form on your site and receive direct bookings.

Accept credit and debit card payment
Accept payments via Paypal

Plugins and extras

Compatible with your favorite tools

Myror connects seamlessly with existing technologies to help you customize your sites without fuss

iCal Calendar
Keep calendars updated to avoid double bookings
Google Analytics / Facebook Pixel
Kepp an eye on your website statistics
Show your latest posts on the front page
Let your guest message you directly via the app
plugin myror direct booking site
stripe mailchimp google analytics myror
instagram myror plugin

Simple pricing, full flexibility

Make your guests happier by offering alternative payment options and both save money.

Starter plan


Simple and elegant, to go online fast

1 Booking site
Up to 2 Rooms per site
Free domain
Contact Form
Myror footer branding
Pro plan

$10/site /month

For hosts who want to boost revenues

Secure Payments Forms
Up to 20 Rooms per site
HTTPS-enabled Custom Domains
Full Calendar synchronization
Premium support
Remove Myror footer branding


Who is Myror for?
Myror is for anyone managing short-term rentals and looking for more control over their online visibility and booking policies. It works great both for hosts with a single listing and agencies with dozens of rentals.
How are booking sites created and where are they hosted?
Each booking site is generated automatically using Airbnb open data and then built using Next.js technology. Sites are hosted on powerful, resilient and fast servers provided by Vercel hosting company.
Can I cancel my pro plan anytime?
Yes of course. Downgrading to the Free plan will automatically delete all the booking sites you created at the end of your billing period.
Is a custom domain included in the Pro plan?
No, the Pro plan allows you to connect a custom domain that you already own to override the free domain that we provide.
What are the requirements to accept payments on my site?
Once you have upgraded to a Pro plan, you can simply connect your Paypal Business account to display a "Pay with Paypal"button on your site, or connect a Stripe account to show a credit card form. Make sure your business is in this country list to enable Stripe.
Is there a limit for usage?
In the free plan, you can only create one booking website with a maximum of 2 rooms. Upgrading to Pro allows you to create as many websites as you need with up to 20 rooms each. Feel free to contact us if you need higher limits for your business.