How To Write an Airbnb Welcome Letter

How To Write an Airbnb Welcome Letter

Running an Airbnb is nothing less than a full-time job. You have a lot on your plate—from maintaining the property and catering to the guests to marketing your listing and responding to new leads.

In the middle of these responsibilities, your efforts to enhance the guest experience can often take a backseat.

This is where an Airbnb welcome letter can help.   

With a welcome letter for Airbnb guests, you can create a great first impression while conveying all the necessary instructions at the outset. A warm welcome letter can be independent or part of a welcome book to show travelers you truly care about them. 

It includes crucial details like directions to the property, house rules, and a quick preview of the amenities. 

But creating such a welcome letter for Airbnb can be tricky.

This blog will walk you through everything you need to know for writing the perfect Airbnb host welcome letter and provide an incredible customer experience even before the guest reaches the property. You will also find a checklist and some tested tips to make your welcome letter stand out!

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How does a welcome letter help?

Sending an Airbnb message before booking brings you the opportunity to showcase your property in the best light and work on its branding. With all the details you write in this letter, you can offer an immersive experience to your guests.

But if you’re still not convinced about sending a welcome letter for Airbnb guests, then here are some reasons why it matters.

  1. Kick-starts the conversation

A welcome letter initiates two-way communication and builds a personal connection between you and your guests.

Use this letter to assure them of a wonderful stay beforehand. Besides, you can also help them with any doubts or questions after reading the welcome letter.

Your guests might be interested in some sightseeing destinations near your property or want to know more about the checkout time rules. A welcome letter allows you to start this conversation and resolve their queries.

  1. Creates a good first impression

There’s no better way to greet a guest than with a personalized and detailed welcome letter containing all the necessary information.

By sending this letter right after someone books your property, you can create the impression of swift and sincere customer service. It shows you are working toward ensuring their stay is hassle-free and memorable.

  1. Works as a gesture of goodwill

Besides setting a great first impression and initiating communication, you can use an Airbnb host welcome letter to express yourself as a host and give your guests a 5-star stay. 

Make them feel special and convey your gratitude as a host. Through the letter, you can also tap into their feelings of excitement and build their eagerness for the vacation.  

  1. Builds a level of credibility

One thing travelers worry about when booking their stay is the reliability of the property. Pictures can often be deceptive—so your guests are naturally concerned about whether your property is actually like it looks in the photos.

A welcome note containing all the details and few pictures of the place will allow you to eliminate your guests’ concerns and establish trust. Moreover, this is a highly appreciable trait of superhosts—credible hosts given a separate title because of their heartwarming customer experience. 

  1. Informs the guests about all the rules

Right after booking the place, your guests would want to know more details about the rental house and property manager. A welcome letter for Airbnb serves a key practical function in this process.

With this welcome note, you can inform them about multiple things—the address, the amenities, the rules, and your contact information. This ensures your guests are aware of the key details and instructions to prevent miscommunication or mishaps.    

Checklist to win your guests with a welcome letter

First impressions matter. A perfect welcome letter can help you set the tone for your guests’ stay at the property. It also allows you to inform them about all the house rules, places to visit in the city, and how to contact you. 

But the key is to keep the letter crisp and concise

If you’re confused about what to include and how to structure a welcome letter for Airbnb guests, here’s a helpful checklist.

  1. Personalized greetings

Start the letter with a friendly greeting. You can make this greeting section more meaningful by personalizing it for every guest. 

A great way to personalize the greetings is to address the occasion your guests are celebrating. Write something nice for their:

  • Family reunion
  • Honeymoon
  • Bachelor/bachelorette party
  • Weekend getaway

Apart from this, you can add a few lines about how your property is the perfect choice for the occasion and if you can offer anything special for it. 

A customized greeting goes a long way to give your guests a hearty experience from the beginning. 

  1. Directions for the property

Another critical element of a welcome letter for Airbnb is the directions to your property. 

Finding the exact location can be challenging if your property is located in a remote area or if your guests are not from the city.

Include the address and a Google Maps link for the location in your welcome letter. Mapped routes from the airport, bus stops, and train stations are important.  

Add some helpful directions using certain landmarks to make it easier and more convenient for new guests to reach the property. 

You can make these directions interesting by adding some details about the location and its characteristics. For instance, describe the roads and mention a fun fact about the neighborhood of your AirBnB house. 

  1. Amenities and appliances

Once you’re done with the greetings and directions, talk about the amenities in your AirBnB property as they are the most appealing and attractive things about any vacation rental house. So, this part is about flaunting all the facilities you are offering to your vacationers. 

  • Start with Wi-Fi: Most people check for Wi-Fi right away, so it’s important to mention the instructions for connecting to the Wi-Fi network first. You should also list down the instructions to reset the Wifi password in case of any connectivity issues.
  • Thermostat: The next important thing is adjusting the temperature. Talk about where the thermostat is and any specific rules for using it. This is the right space to mention any limits for using the thermostat. 
  • Appliances: Your guests should know how to use every appliance in the property—even the most basic ones like a toaster or microwave. Provide detailed instructions about each electronic device, keeping in mind your guests may not know how to use them.
  • Miscellaneous supplies: Inform your guests about AirBnB cleaning—kitchen utensils, cleaning material, garden equipment, trash bags, and everything else at the end of the instructions.
  1. House rules

Perhaps the most essential part of an Airbnb host welcome letter is the house manual.

House rules are important to ensure your property doesn’t undergo any damage and to request your guests to maintain a level of decorum. While you can list your house rules in your Airbnb listing itself, it’s important to reiterate the same in your welcome letter. 

But the way you phrase the house rules is crucial. Instead of making your guests feel bogged down by a set of strict regulations, tell them what they can do and what they should avoid.

Some common points to include in your house rules are:

  • Check-in and check-out instructions
  • Parking and access to the property
  • Smoking, drinking, and parties/events
  • Pets and visitors

You can mention your house rules with visual elements as well. 

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  1. Necessary instructions

Now that you’ve covered the most important points, use your Airbnb welcome letter to convey general instructions.

These instructions can be about the pricing, neighborhood, communicating with the other guests, or the city rules. Consider these instructions as an extension of the house rules—that talk about everything beyond the house. Mention tips and tricks to make the most of their stay at your property.

This part is important for the non-local visitors or foreigners visiting the country for the first time.

  1. Contact Information

The closing part of your Airbnb host welcome letter is for your contact information.

Mentioning your phone number and email address is a must to add a degree of credibility to the letter. By detailing all the ways to reach, you convey your commitment to personally service your visitors rather than leave them just to the caretakers.

Close the letter on a personable note by mentioning your availability at all times and your contact details—like phone, email, and number for instant messaging or WhatsApp.

Here’s an example of an Airbnb welcome letter to see these points in action. 

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5 tips to make your welcome letter unique

Writing a special Airbnb welcome letter requires creativity and patience. If you want to make your guests smile and secure more 5-star reviews, then use these host tips to write the perfect welcome letter. 

  1. Keep it conversational and quirky

A welcome note should read like one—welcoming and heartfelt. A formal tone can make it sound otherwise.

  • Write the letter on a friendly note in an informal yet respectful fashion. 
  • Address the guests by “you” and avoid instructional language.
  • Try to convey all the information as if you’re talking to a friend. 

A great way to do this is to replicate the feelings that your guests would want to feel on their vacation—relaxed, excited, special, and memorable. 

Add a bit of your guests’ personality to the letter as well. For instance, if they are seniors, reference an old song that matches your property’s theme while introducing the place. 

  1. Add multiple elements of personalization

Personalizing the welcome note is a sure-shot way to make your guests feel special. It shows your effort to create a customized note especially for them rather than sending a free template message from the internet.

You can personalize your Airbnb welcome letter in many ways; here are a few:

  • Greetings: Tailor the greetings for every guest. Like already mentioned, welcome them for the occasion they are celebrating at your property.
  • Amenities: Modify the section about amenities according to the guest party. For instance, talk about how the kids would love the swimming pool if they came for a family get-together.
  • Things to do: Add a section about some things your guests can do in the city. Put some effort to shortlist a few places they can visit or activities they can take up during their stay.
  1. Make it visually appealing

A textual welcome letter is bland. Spice up your letter with some colors and visuals.

A graphic welcome note is both easy to read and engaging. You can incorporate your property’s branding to make the letter more appealing.

Here are some great tools to design your Airbnb welcome letter:

You can also purchase a printable welcome letter on a site like Etsy.

Look at this template for some inspiration to make your letter visually interesting. 

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  1. Introduce yourself as well

One of the most overlooked aspects of a welcome letter for Airbnb is—the host’s introduction.

Most hosts talk at length about the property, the neighborhood, and the city in general. But they forget to talk about themselves. Introducing yourself in the welcome note is a great way to build trust as a host.

Here are some prompts to help you write something about yourself:

  • How long have you been managing this property?
  • Why did you choose to start an Airbnb?
  • What do you like about hosting guests at your property?
  • What’s your profession, and why are you running an Airbnb?
  1. Mention the property’s unique features with the instructions

Along with the house rules, you can also mention some general instructions about the property.

You can include your property’s USPs while detailing these instructions. For instance, you can talk about the sunrise and sunset hours, the best places to eat, and some great recreational activities.

Give them a few insider tips to navigate the city and make the best of their stay at your place.


Sending an Airbnb welcome letter for guests is an important rite of passage when hosting anyone at your property—an expression of your efforts as a host to make their stay memorable.

Carefully choose when to send this letter. You can either automate the process and send the letter immediately after someone books your property or share it when the guests are at your property. The content of the letter will differ depending on when you share it with the guests.

But remember to make it personable and friendly—to enhance your guest experience.

Use this blog to structure your Airbnb welcome letter and add a unique touch to it with the handpicked tips. 

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